Technology these days is fraught with acryonyms. Which ones are important to you and your businsess?

One of the most important acryonyms you’ll learn while starting up or maintaining an online ecommerce platform is SEO- Search Engine Optimization. While the idea behind SEO is  basic, one might find themselves completely lost on how to implement and improve theirs when the rules are always changing. 

In essence, search engine optimization is a way to attract search engines to index your pages or products. Tuning up your SEO game can improve your business goals in the long run by producing impactful results on the traffic directed to your site. 

Search engines want to provide the best, most relevant results to their users in a comprehensive manner. In order to deliver, engines must scan, or “crawl” sites to find the most applicable sites when searching for a key word or topic. Search engine optimization is the process we go through in order to make sure your page, content, or product rank high on these results. The systems used to rank pages is constantly evolving in order to bring users the most apt results to their query and therefore, we evolve our practices to make sure your rank doesn’t slip onto page 2, 3, and beyond.

By managing your content, site speed, effective keywords, on and off page SEO, and more, we’re able to help you get ranked higher than your competition. Need a better understanding? Reach out to us today and find out how we can help bump up your organic traffic!